Dental Assistant Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements for Dental Assistants vary by state. In some states you dont even have to be licensed, only show that you have completed a Dental Assistant course of on the job training. If your particular state offers a licensing option, it is to your advantage to obtain licensing as you will have a better … Continue reading Dental Assistant Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements for Dental Assistants vary by state. In some states you dont even have to be licensed, only show that you have completed a Dental Assistant course of on the job training. If your particular state offers a licensing option, it is to your advantage to obtain licensing as you will have a better chance of being hired over those who arent licensed. In general, you can also expect to be paid more than those who are qualified, yet not licensed. There are not Federal Guidelines in regards to Dental Assistant licensing. Everything takes place on the state level.

The Dental Assistant licensing exam is often referred to as DAT, short for Dental Admission Test. The test may be complied of basic information including tools used in dental offices, procedures, safety, and technology. Many states require you to complete procedures you will actually use in a dental office for an examiner. This will likely include showing your skills on safety and proper cleansing of tools.

Most Dental Assistant programs and on the job training programs are well aware of the licensing requirements in your state. The programs are customized to meet all those requirements and help prepare you for both the written and procedural portions of the exam. They can also assist you in finding out when the exam will be conducted in your area.

Regardless if licensing is required in your state or not, not employers require Dental Assistants to complete a background check prior to starting employment. This is for the safety and protection of the patients as well as the staff. If you have a criminal background, it may prevent you from being able to work as a Dental Assistant in some states. In others, you will only be barred if the crime was sexual in nature or violent in nature. Still yet, other states only prevent you from being hired as a Dental Assistant if you have a felony conviction in the past seven years.

If you think your background check will be a factor in gaining employment as a Dental Assistant, it is very important to check into the state requirements prior to enrolling in and completing a program. It is not advised to lie on your application either as almost all dentist offices will conduct a thorough background check on all individuals they are considering offering employment to.

Most Dental Assistant licenses are valid for a certain length of time. Generally three to five years. As your renewal comes due, you will be sent a questionnaire from your State Medical Board. It will ask you questions pertaining to your employment, about any convictions or pending issues that have taken place. Keep in mind that your Dental Assistant license can be revoked if the information you place on the renewal is found to be inaccurate or if you have been involved in criminal activity during the licensing period.

It is very important that you understand Dental Assistant licensing requirements vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, if you are planning to move to another state make sure you can transfer your license to that state. You will be able to if your license is in good standing and the State Dental Board is not investigating any complaints about you. The state you are transferring your license to must have the same level of requirements or less. It the new state requirements are more than you have, then you will need to obtain the missing skills or classes in order to obtain a license.

Licensing as a Dental Assistant can help you have an edge on the completion for that great job you want. It also implies to patients that you are qualified to be working in a dental office and meeting their dental needs. It can also increase your level of pay in some states where licensing is available but not required. You can obtain information about licensing exams in your area from the State Dental Board or you course instructor. The exam is generally written and procedural.

Believe in Phentermine with Confidence

Obesity has become a household word. It has become a type of epidemic engulfing the whole world in an epic proportion. It would have been no problem if the outcome wouldnt have been fatal. Heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure are few problems that an obsessed person is easily prone to. Besides, obesity tires you out easily resulting in hampering your daily routine. So it is always wise to check on your increase volume of you body and find the root cause of it.

However dieting and exercising is not a bad idea for burning the excess fat inside our body. But one cannot deny the fact that maintaining a diet routine is not a tedious affair. So it is always advisable to go for a proper medication along with your regular diet and jogging. So if somehow you skip your routine, it doesnt hamper much. One such medicine that is gripping the market is Phentermine a unique diet pill. Its result is found to be very fruitful and its users are happy about the outcome.

Phentermine is a drug use as an appetite suppressant and is very effective in maintaining a healthy fat free life. The effectiveness of Phentermine has been intensively studied by various international dieticians as well as researchers. FDA approved it way back in 1959 and from then onwards it is fighting fats with proven results.

But Phentermine diet pills are very effective and can be very productive if it goes along with a bit of dieting and exercise. Noting can be negative if one is taking it in a proper way and with the guidance of a genuine doctor or dietician. Mild side effects like dry mouth, constipation, dizziness or headache can be seen initially but as our body get used to it, these problems fades away.

Phentermine stimulates our hypothalamus gland in our brain and activates our neurotransmitters in present in our nerve cells. This results in suppressing our appetite and manages our metabolism as well.

Mind Twisting: Stress, Depression, And Intelligence

Stress and depression are two of the things in modern life that you have to deal with at one point or another. The former is an everyday thing, one that can stem from something as difficult as social anxiety to something as mundane as tripping over your own shoelaces. The latter, depression, is not quite as easy to develop in the clinical sense, but most people will end up experiencing a point in their lives that comes dangerously close to being depressed. For the most part, these two problems are considered to be threats to one’s physical and mental health. However, recent studies show that these two conditions also have nasty side effects on one’s intelligence.

According to recent findings, it is untrue that the human brain ceases production of neurons and other critical brain cells later on in life. In fact, there are some things that imply that the brain regenerates the aforementioned cells on an as-needed basis, generating more to suit the needs of the individual. This is in direct opposition to long-held medical doctrine that human brain cells do not regenerate after a certain point and instead begin to enter a state of slow decay. However, as recent studies have shown, the more primitive areas of the brain are capable of regenerating lost cells. This has subsequent effects on a wide range of mental functions, including memory, reaction time, and comprehension. Now, what does this have to do with stress and depression, you ask?

A whole lot, apparently. The two conditions states above put the more primitive parts of the brain into survival mode. Upon entering that state, the brain naturally attempts to minimize anything that could be seen as frivolous or unnecessary, instead focusing all energies on the basics. This not only accounts for the apparent reduction of brain activity during periods where an individual experiences the aforementioned problems, but it also starts to kill the currently existing cells. Basically, the brain cells are slowly dying when subjected to excessive stress and depression, burning out neurons at a faster rate than normal. This would explain why some normally intelligent people seem to be mentally slower and less adept when put under emotional and psychological pressure.

Another consequence would be the fact that the two aforementioned disorders can actually prevent the brain from regenerating new cells to replace the old ones. Trophic factors, chemicals that are known to stimulate the brain, are not produced properly when a person undergoes prolonged periods of the above conditions. Studies show that trophic factors are actually the chemicals responsible for telling the brain to regenerate new cells. If the chemicals are cut off or if the flow is disrupted, it can result in a rapid decline in the human brain’s ability to repair itself over time.

While these findings are still controversial and questionable, it does provide an interesting look into just how the brain works on a physical level. The long-held belief that the brain is incapable of fixing itself once a person reaches adulthood may just be put into question. These findings are still subject to further research, but there are already several avenues being opened by the concept. For example, there are studies now being conducted devoted to finding out whether or not serotonin, a chemical used to combat a variety of mental disorders, has an effect on neuron regeneration.

2006 Hairstyles

Most current fashion comes directly from the runway to the streets, and the 2006 hairstyles are no exception. When spectators watch the models, they are not only looking at the clothes they are wearing, but also their hairstyles, which is also an important component of their entire look. Judging from todays models, 2006 hairstyles emphasize casual elegance with some sassy touches here and there.

Most of these looks involve hair that is pulled up with smooth sides or messy tendrils. Loose waves and curls seem to be making a comeback in 2006 hairstyles, not that the super-straight sedu look is out of fashion yet. Still, if you want to stand out from the crowd with the most trendy 2006 hairstyles, it might pay to put just a bit of wave into your medium or long locks.

The casual elegance of the 2006 hairstyles can be sleek or sassy. One popular look for this year is the messy bun, which can be created several ways.

Shampoo and condition hair, preferably the day before an occasion, since freshly shampooed ponies are more difficult to deal with.

Add leave-in conditioner or mousse to your hair

Blow dry your hair with a large, round brush

Gather your hair into a neat pony tail, smoothing in the sides. Fasten with an elastic that is the same shade as your hair.

Divide your pony into three sections and, with a large or small barreled curling iron (depending on how curly your want your messy bun to be) curl the sections and pin them curls until they dry.

Brush out the curls and pin portions of the messy bun to your head until you achieve the desired style. Leave one curl pinned to cover the base of the ponytail.

Tease out hair from the side if you want tendrils. Curls these, if desired.

For a straight messy bun, use a flat iron rather than a curling iron.

The elegant pony, always in fashion, has been enjoying the spotlight in fashion shows as an ideal 2006 hairstyle. Elegant ponies are placed lower on the head, close the nape of the neck. Make the side smooth or tease out a few tendrils, if desired. Use a finishing spray for extra shine. You may want to transform your elegant pony into a classy chignon by curling the pony and tucking it into the elastic. Let the chignon hang freely, or pin it to the nape of your neck.

Just when you though it was safe to throw away your curling iron, be prepared for subtle waves and loose curls for long to medium 2006 hairstyles. You can create more body in your hair by using a body building shampoo and conditioner. Large curls can be created by putting in large curlers (hot curlers or the foam curlers for wet hair) or using a large-barreled curling iron. When you dry your hair, use a large, round brush to coax your hair into large curls or waves. Ironically, your flat iron can be used to create subtle waves and curls if you wrap sections of hair around it. Dont go overboard, though. Straight hair is still the in style, and loose curls and waves are a highlight, rather than the main focus, of 2006 hairstyles.

Causes Of Acne and New Treatment Approaches

The causes of acne are not fully understood, but dermatologists have certainly evolved in their knowledge and treatment approaches. During the process, many things that were believed to be associated with acne have either been ruled out, or modified with a deeper understanding.

Acne can occur at any time during a person’s life. Whilst many people suffer acne during teenage years, not having acne then does not mean it may not develop as an adult. However, genetics does play a role. So if someone in your family has acne, there is a greater chance of developing it.

But acne is not contagious. During teenage years, for women who are menstruating, and women going through menopause, there are hormonal changes that are associated with acne.

Acne sufferers have oil producing glands that are more sensitive to regular levels of the hormone testosterone in their blood. Sometimes too much testosterone is produced. Women have small amounts of testosterone also, and for some women, adrenal or ovarian disease is an underlying cause of acne which causes excess production of these male hormones.

Testosterone, or the body’s heightened responsiveness to it, causes the oil glands to produce more oil than they should. Here, other factors such as excess shedding of the dead skin cells lining the hair follicle, a narrowing of the hair follicles, and irregular clumping of the cells within the hair follicles, come into play. The end result is that the follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil, and the opening of the follicle is blocked. This is called a comedone.

This environment favors the multiplication of the acne bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. This bacteria lives on the skin and is normally harmless. But the oil and dead cells in the clogged pore are like food to it, and the breakdown products of this bacteria’s mealtime is irritating to the skin. If the bacteria multiply to the extent that the follicle wall breaks open, lesions can develop.

The role of inflammation in acne is being studied to give new insights into how to approach acne treatment. The inflammatory process within the skin can attract molecules that break down the collagen in the skin. This can lead to permanent damage – scarring. A research team at the University of Michigan is looking at testing treatments that reduce the intensity of the immune system’s response to the effects of the ‘acne invasion’. By reducing the level of inflammation, they hope to prevent acne scarring.


Recovery From Addictions, Part 5

In Part 1 of this series of articles, I defined substance and process addictions, and described the four major false beliefs that underlie most addictions:

1. I cant handle my pain.
2. I am unworthy and unlovable.
3. Others are my source of love.
4. I can have control over how others feel about me and treat me.

In Parts 2,3 and 4, I explored in depth each of these false beliefs and how they contribute to addictive behavior. In this final part of this series, I address the way out of addictions.

Recovery from addictions is based on two major shifts in your thinking and behavior:

Shifting your intention from avoiding responsibility for your feelings to learning about loving yourself. This means shifting from your wounded self/ego/mind having dominion over your choices to your loving Adult/spiritual Guidance having dominion over your choices.

Learning to access your personal spiritual Guidance so that you can fill yourself with the unconditional love and compassion of Spirit rather than turning to addictions to fill the emptiness and take away the pain.

As long as getting love and avoiding pain is your highest priority, you will not be able to recover from your addictions. When you decide that being loving to yourself and others is your highest priority, you are on your way to healing from your addictive behavior.

Your intent is everything it completely determines your actions and the resulting outcome.

If your intent is to get love and avoid pain in order to feel safe, you will continue to resort to addictive behaviors as a way of having control over getting love and avoiding pain.

When your intent is to be on the spiritual path of evolving in love and fully manifesting yourself, then you will bring the following Six-Step Inner Bonding process into your life throughout the day.

1. You will stay tuned into your feelings throughout the day so that you know the minute you feel anything other than peace and joy. You will be present within your body to your feelings just as you would be present to the feelings of a baby.

2. You will immediately move into a compassionate intention to learn about what you are thinking or doing that is causing your distress your anger, fear, anxiety, depression, hurt, guilt, shame, stress, emptiness, aloneness, loneliness, and so on. You will become a loving Adult by opening to your spiritual Guidance the wise and loving presence that is always here for you – allowing that love and wisdom to come into your heart.

3. You will explore with your Inner Child your feeling self about what you are thinking, doing, or believing that is causing the distress. You will discover your false beliefs and your resulting unloving behavior that are causing your pain.

4. You will open to learning with your spiritual Guidance, asking What is the truth about these beliefs? and What is the loving action? You will allow the answers to these questions to come when they will, not trying to control the process.

5. You will take the loving action you are guided to take, which can take many different forms from lovingly holding your Inner Child, to getting more exercise and eating better, to speaking your truth or moving into compassion with someone else.

6. You will evaluate your actions to see how you feel now. If you are not feeling better, you will seek another loving action until you feel peaceful within.

If you do these steps each time you feel any distress instead of turning to your habitual addictions, you will gradually move beyond addictive behavior.

You always have these two choices regarding your intent to control or to learn. You only you – are in charge of which of these you choose. If you do not consciously choose the intent to learn about loving yourself, you will unconsciously and automatically choose to try to have control over getting love and avoiding pain through your addictive behavior.

Choosing the intent to learn about loving yourself and practicing Inner Bonding throughout the day is a powerful path to becoming addiction-free.